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I am a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) designer, researcher and design strategist. My work focuses on the design and development of interactions using tangible, mobile, VR and haptic interfaces in socio-cultural contexts, prominently in performance art, cultural heritage and social innovation. Working in-between and in the converging lines of industry and academia I have been running projects with theatres, museums, video game companies, cultural organisations & SMEs, and visual arts spaces, and I have published widely in the field of HCI contributing to digital system design, co-design methodologies and methods, and HCI design for social innovation. I am currently a Lecturer in Games Design at Brunel University, where I teach Digital Prrototyping, UI/UX design for Games, and VFX. I am very excited to be working on the application of HCI methods and methodologies in Games design.

I am also consulting on strategies for devising and developing digital projects and user interactions in different industries and have expertise in design methods for collaboration and co-creation. I am often inspired by and experimenting playfully with tools from other disciplines and areas combining them into new design methods. My broader interests include political philosophy, and performance studies.

My design approach is holistic and experiential where the designer embeds and immerses herself in the design process and views it as an educational and transformative experience rather than participating in it as a design expert.

I am a member of the Women Who Code organisation, and of Women Hack For Non Profits, doing volunteering work as a UX/UI/Interaction designer in projects that help humanitarian/civil rights causes. After being involved in the first Empowerhack, an exciting growing new initiative that brings together technology, design, and NGOs to address challenges that affect women & girls around the world, I joined the Draw My Life project leading on data visualisation design.  In 2012 myself and academics from Fashion, Design and Computing founded the Critical Wearables Futures Collective with the aim to investigate the downsides of how biodata is currently collected and explore opportunities for designing more ethical ways of handling it. This led to an EU Horizon 2020 funded project titled WEAR Sustain which will run until 2019 and is an excellent opportunity to experiment with ethical and sustainable approaches towards handling wearable data, and business models.


Academic background

I hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction Design with distinction from the University of Edinburgh in which I investigated design strategies for bringing the craft of puppet stop-motion animation in a digital workspace. As part of my research, I designed and developed together with stop-motion animators a system for animating virtual puppets using mediated haptic feedback. The code is open source and available on my Github page. I also introduced ‘multiple streams of reflection’, a new co-design method advancing the concept of reflection during a collaborative project.

I have an MSc in Design and Digital Media (University of Edinburgh), and a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences (National Technical University of Athens). My work has been published widely in journals and leading academic conferences (CHI, Siggraph Asia, HCI International, British HCI, NordiCHI, Springer-Verlang).