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I am a Lecturer in Games Design (Creative Technology) at Brunel University, where I teach Digital Prototyping, User Interface design, Games Programming, Concept Communication, and Business Contexts.

My background is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) / UX design and research. In my work I develop mechanisms for designing meaningful, seamless user experiences using Haptic and Mixed Reality technologies.

As a UX designer I am often inspired by and experiment playfully with methods from other disciplines and areas combining them into new design methods. Play and storytelling are two incredibly rich areas I have been exploring as design methods. I am currently researching how ludic and narrative techniques can inform the design of Mixed Reality interactions. I am also applying Interaction Design theory and practice in videogame interface and player experience design.

I have worked in diverse projects from developing tools for audience engagement to social innovation projects. My work is informed by a diverse background in applied mathematics, design, and engineering, and is driven by abundant curiosity.

I am an industry consultant on strategies for devising and developing digital projects and user interactions and have expertise in design methods for collaboration and co-creation.


– User Experience and User Interface design for multi-sensory body-based interactions in Mixed Reality environments.

What is important to consider in the design of body-based interactions?
How can we smoothly augment the senses, bodily and gestural abilities, and utilise our existing (tacit) embodied skills in a world fused with digital technology? What is lost, transformed, gained, and confused in the transfer from the analogue to the digital (work)space?
Primary areas of interest for this research are games and cultural heritage.

– Play as a method for interactive cartography design

I explore the design of playful interactions in interactive cartographies/platforms for collective archive. An interdisciplinary collaboration between myself and Dr Beatriz Cantinho (Performance Studies).



My design approach is holistic and experiential where the designer embeds and immerses herself in the design process and perceives it as an educational and transformative experience rather than participating in it as a design expert.

I enjoy being part of a design team as I believe that innovation is a collaborative effort and mutual inspiration is fundamental to this.



I hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction Design from the University of Edinburgh in which I investigated design strategies for transfering the craft of puppet stop-motion animation in a digital workspace. As part of my research, I designed and developed together with stop-motion animators a complete system for animating virtual puppets using mediated haptic feedback. The code is open source and available on my Github page.

I also have an MSc in Design and Digital Media (University of Edinburgh), and a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences (National Technical University of Athens).

My work has been published and exhibited widely in expos, journals, and leading academic conferences  such as CHI, Siggraph Asia, HCI International, British HCI, NordiCHI, Springer-Verlang, and Palgrave McMillan.